Who we are

The SWIETELSKY group is a leading construction company in Central and Eastern Europe. With the force of our more than 12,000 employees, over 3 billion euros of construction projects and our decentralised organisational structure, we are all at once international players, national winners and regional champions. With 85 years of history behind us, the company today provides the entire spectrum of services in construction – at the highest levels of quality, flexibility and punctuality.


When we say “We are Swietelskys”, we’re not talking about the founding family, but about all the people who work in our group of companies. We want SWIETELSKY to feel like a big family in which we support each other, are there for each other and work together to forge our common economic future.

We have different ages, origins and cultural backgrounds. We are diverse, but we have one thing in common: we understand how valuable it is to have a family in which one feels at home, and that is something we also want to experience in the workplace! This philosophy, which we have been pursuing for some eighty years as employers, motivates our employees, who remain with us longer than the industry average. And because they are the most valuable thing we have to offer as a construction company, this makes us successful.


  • Jointly and individually <br/> responsible

    Jointly and individually

    We take responsibility for our tasks, firm in the knowledge that we can rely on others.

  • Demanding and supportive

    Demanding and supportive

    We demand much of ourselves and help each other on the way to the goal. We place great importance in individual support for development opportunities.

  • Open to criticism

    Open to criticism

    We are willing to view criticism as an opportunity for further development. Conflicts need to be aired and resolved in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

  • Willing to learn and open-minded

    Willing to learn and open-minded

    We view change as an opportunity and are open-minded towards new developments. We see further education as a personal obligation.

  • Solution-<br/>oriented


    We respect different viewpoints and actively participate in finding solutions to problems.

  • Motivating


    We motivate each other and provide sustainable incentives for performance.

  • Open, honest <br/> and loyal

    Open, honest
    and loyal

    We are direct and honest with each other. We show loyality in fair and honest dealings with each other. 

  • Oriented towards profitability

    Oriented towards profitability

    We endeavour to achieve solid economic growth for our employees, customers and business partners.

  • Respectful </br> and reliable

    and reliable

    We respect and value all employees equally. We place great importance on reliability in our interactions with one another. 

  • Independent and cooperative

    Independent and cooperative

    We act proactively and mutually enhance each other’s skills and abilities.

  • Social


    Our social attitude provides mutual assurance, and we leave no one behind.

  • Safe


    We make sure to have a safe and attractive work environment.

  • Future-<br/>oriented


    Building on enduring values, we invest in a successful future.

  • Quality oriented

    Quality oriented

    We consistently orient ourselves to the highest standards of quality and reliability. 


Further education

  • Group academy (seminar/training programme with internal and external lecturers)
  • E-learning platform
  • Intranet
  • Possibility of supporting external trainings and further education
  • Support for further education (apprenticeship with Matura, part-time studies, educational leave…)


  • Company physician
  • Openness to individual agreements for improved work-life balance
  • Free fresh fruit


  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Bonus for implemented ideas
  • Childbirth bonus
  • Marriage bonus

Employee events

  • Christmas party
  • Ski day
  • Business run
  • Teambuilding events


  • Shopping discounts with partners for wellness, sport, tourism, construction, retail and much more
  • an attractive workplace
  • modern tools
  • fair, performance-related compensation
  • the opportunity to work independently
  • opportunities for personal development
  • training and further education
  • community acitivites
  • respectful interaction
  • professional leadership
  • individual social security benefits
  • flat hierarchies
  • a family environment

Due in part to the decentralised nature of the SWIETELSKY group of companies, benefits differ between subsidiaries and professions. Feel free to ask us about the benefits during your job interview.

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OPEN POSITIONS Find and apply for


Position Location Country Department Starting from
GAZDASÁGI IGAZGATÓ LocationBudapest CountryHungary DepartmentÁltalános ügyvezetés, Magas-, és Speciális Mélyépítési Üzletág Starting from Azonnal Details
ASPHALTIERER/IN BZW. ASPHALTWALZENFAHRER/IN Location3350 Stadt Haag CountryAustria DepartmentZNL OÖ Strassenbau Ost Starting from ab sofort Details
Instandhaltungstechniker (m/w/d) LocationA-2431 Klein-Neusiedl CountryAustria DepartmentZweigniederlassung BAHNBAU - Bauhof Starting from ab sofort Details
BAUMASCHINENTECHNIKER (M/W/D) Location6511 Zams CountryAustria DepartmentFiliale 06 Starting from ab sofort Details
KALKULATOR/IN, KALKULATIONSASSISTENT/IN m/w/d Location85560 Ebersberg CountryGermany DepartmentSWIETELSKY Baugesellschaft m.b.H. Starting from ab sofort Details
KALKULATOR/IN, KALKULATIONSASSISTENT/IN m/w/d Location83278 Traunstein CountryGermany DepartmentSWIETELSKY Baugesellschaft m.b.H. Starting from ab sofort Details
KAUFMÄNNISCHE ASSISTENZ (m/w/d) Location4481 Asten, Ipfdorferstraße 11 CountryAustria DepartmentSportstättenbau Starting from ab sofort Details
ASPHALTIERER/IN BZW. ASPHALTWALZENFAHRER/IN LocationStadt Haag CountryAustria DepartmentZNL OÖ Strassenbau Ost Starting from ab sofort Details



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